Hey you rascals, you knock off the raping!


Apparently, Sweden is considering throwing the book at these guys by deporting them and preventing them from entering Sweden legally for up to 15 years. Now, I may not be Nostradamus sitting here with an armillary sphere and a crystal ball, but I have a dire prediction for the future.

In fifteen years the same 4 Eritrean rapists will return to Sweden…

… and commit more rapes.

This pathological altruism thing clearly ain’t working. Perhaps you should consult Carl Gustav on a solution.

Are You Ready For Some Sportsball?

“Hey, Marshawn, would you say that importing the dumbest and most violent human beings on earth into civilized society has been existentially catastrophic?”

To be legally considered “retarded” in America someone has to be less than 70 IQ, the average Somalian is 64 IQ (apparently, it is actually 68IQ 11/8/19). Now, I’m not sure of exact IQ test statistics for the rest of the populace of sub-Saharan Africa, but I’m willing to guess they’re comparable. Recently a story came out of Nigeria of a witch-doctor with 37 mummified babies for wealth magic rituals. Also, cases of albino Aficans being cannibalized in order to gain magical powers. These savages and the – ahem – creative, solutions their simple minds concoct!

Why do I bring this up during Thursday Night Football?

Because, the above mentioned Africans are separated by our own domestic American-Africans by a mere hyphen. Yet, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday you can find quite WASP-ish boomers cheering on blacks who may legally be considered retarded.

In the antique era of America football was a different game for different people. It was played by legitimate university students and was a benign sense of esprit de corp amongst the student body. Over a century later, the student body has changed, and the “student athletes” have drastically changed. What used to be a source of entertainment and diversion from rigorous academic study has now become a major source of revenue for the education industry. Blacks who once were barely mentally competent enough to be janitorial staff at universities are now recruited to be “student athletes.”

I could endlessly cite statistics that would be debated, or I could simply say – watch a sideline interview. Or, watch a basketball interview, or baseball interview. For a sense of nostalgia, watch a Michael Jordan interview. But, if you want a really cerebral interview about the art of sportsball Marshawn Lynch is the MVP.



Graver And The Land of Wolves

Movies today aren’t as hopeful as movies used to be. They are often dark, bleak, and very violent. The praise of the hero has lead to the inevitable growth of the anti-hero. And if you are an anti-hero fan I can’t think of a better anti-hero than Matt Graver from Sicario. In the land of wolves he is something else entirely.

Many people would say that Benecio del Toro’s Alejandro is the more dangerous steely eyed killer – but I disagree. Matt Graver is the essence of a warrior psychopath, something Alejandro isn’t. However, this isn a matter of technical proficiency, they both have overlapping skill sets. This is a matter of Ethos, not Praxes.

Although they never delve into Graver’s background in the movie one can extrapolate what he may be. Clearly he is C.I.A., but, he is also a proficient door-kicker instead of a mere field officer. This would mean he is probably part of S.A.D. (Special Activities Division) and he is the operational officer of what is either a J.S.O.C. (Joint Special Operations Command) or an Army C.A.G. (Combat Applications Group) Unit. These are all modern warriors, their career is warfare. By the time you are selected to be in these units you have experienced combat, and you have become a true meat-eater.

This is where the matter of Ethos arises, the act of killing other human beings and the inherent motivation behind the act – at least as far as I can surmise. Personally, I have seen people die violent gruesome deaths up close as a volunteer firefighter. On one specific occasion I was holding c-spine on a kid who had been ejected from a car doing at least 90mph down a canyon road. As he was being bagged, a fine mist of blood was being sprayed onto my arms with each compression. Every single sign of death was present: unequal pupils, brain tissue pouring out of the eustachian canal, no proximal pulse. I still vividly remember that call because it was my first acquaintance with violent death. Being witness to this kind of death leaves an impact on you.

Probably the only Hollywood movie to do any sufficient justice to examining why someone would want to be around this was The Hurt Locker.

This is the best explanation for why Graver is more dangerous than Alejandro. Alejandro is a killer, but Graver is a warrior, war supersedes even cartel violence. Where Alejandro sneaks into a cartel jefe’s house to exact revenge Graver flies into countries to kill whoever he is pointed at. He is the type of man who never has and never will have any other job. Without the sensation of death, chaos, misery, and violence his life would feel empty and meaningless. In that sense Graver and Sergeant James have more in common than Graver and Alejandro.

Not only that, Graver is the problem in the world, whereas Alejandro is a casualty, more or less. Graver is a meat-eater who loves inflicting violence. He has no vendetta, no family to avenge; he has war, plain and simple. The reason why is as simple as nature itself. Some animals have sharp teeth, and others have flat teeth. Some movies speak to us because some characters resonate with an aspect within ourself we recognize either consciously or subconsciously.

The first Sicario was excellent, the second wasn’t. If you’re familiar with E. Michael Jones the first film had the superior quality of Logos. The violence had a point, there was a purpose beyond titillation. Some people have an inherently violent and predatory nature. Lycurgus founded Sparta on these values.

As polite and orderly as the modern world is; the outer darkness, the primordial chaos and violence is still part of our nature. The Morgoth within doesn’t want to sing a melody forever.



Weird stuff

This is the video linked to from a Dailystormer post:

Here you’ve got Jacob Wohl – an obivious Jew – using some contrived story about a man whore honeypot scandal to throw mud at Elizabeth Warren while being laughed at by an old fat yenta Jew in the audience. I guess it is appropriate that Joker was just released. The premise is similar in that Todd Phillips – another obivious Jew – is using Joaquin Phoenix to advance the vague and nihilistic modern agenda.

This is media, bad Jewish performance art and symbolism. Seriously, old Judea used to be called Phoenicia and now you get Joaquin Phoenix playing a character who symbolically dies to his old way of life and rises again. Shit, this man whore even has a dying and rising story of his own. He was formerly a soldier fighting for the United States whose national emblem is an Eagle which looks more like Phoenix. He was wounded and reborn as a literal prostitute for the politicians he was once a figurative prostitute for.

The fat old cackling yenta in the audience has every right to laugh at this farcical display. I mean, come on, the pageantry of a press conference put on by some slimy Jew politicos to reveal some hypocrite politicians’ suck boy.

There are two things getting blown around here, one is my mind, the other is Elizabeth Warren’s dusty old snatch. In 2020 really consider why you’re voting. Think long and hard about this axiom – “if voting actually mattered, why would they let you do it?”


Do not go gentle into that good night

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas – 1914-1953


This is the poem from which I derive the name for this blog.


My Favorite ROK Articles

Yep, welcome to millenial dating.

My first acquaintance with learning a comprehensive in depth analysis of game was through RooshV’s Return of Kings. The guy gets the nod from me because he was the first. Now, not all of the contributors or articles were gems, but the ones that were were outstanding.

For brevity’s sake just read all of AV8R’s stuff, it’s dynamite. And Bob Smith’s one and only article “9 Secrets About Female Nature Told By A Hot Girl Dying Of Cancer” was truly spectacular, the comment section was rife with fervent speculation. You’ll understand exactly what I mean when you hit number four on the list. Pretty much everything after that is academic.


Why You Shouldn’t Care When She Cries During A Break-Up

The Best Indirect Ways To Question A Woman’s Past

How To Question A Woman’s Past

What It’s Like To Date A Strong And Independent Woman

9 Secrets About Female Nature Told By A Hot Girl Dying Of Cancer

After these articles I’d point you towards Chateau Heartiste, which you will need to access through archive.org because the rotten pieces of shit on wordpress took down his site for a terms of service violation.





You’re On Your Own Chief!


I have spoken at length about pornography addiction before, specifically my own. And I’ll tell you what, as a man there ain’t no help to be found above. This is some baby-blue pill cuck-Christian bullshit about “ending exploitation of women” nonsense. You are much better off researching Maxwell Maltz’s and Prescott Leckey’s personality theory work. Everything Christian is garbage, and Catholic is even worse. In the case of modern Christianity it is a religion run by very weak men for women, at the expense of other highly emasculated men.

As a millennial man I can tell you that internet porn has been the greatest scourge of my generation. Much more so than cell phones and social networking bullshit. Now here is where you will be consistently misled. Porn hurts men far worse than it hurts women. Every single woman you see in porn is there to make a quick easy buck because she knows her pussy is valuable. At their core women are lazy whores that know their sexual attractiveness is their single greatest attribute and act accordingly. They have always done so, and the will always do so.

As a young man growing up in any point in history you will experience painful and often publicly humiliating rejection. Aside from fat chicks, women never have and never will know what this feels like. Nature itself insulates the female condition from this pain, because it must be stated again. PUSSY IS VALUABLE! The only caveat to this is – only fine-ass young pussy is valuable, the rest is a depreciating asset that ain’t worth the trouble securing.

Which brings me back to porn. As a young man growing up today with broadband internet you’ll probably see some fairly intense porn before you even kiss a girl, I did. I had also experienced a fair amount of public humiliation from girls I felt romantically interested in. Eventually I started weightlifting and was taken under the wing of buddies who had natural game and learned how to be better with women. But it wasn’t until I underwent radical self improvement before I had any success with women. This was my first acquaintance with hypergamy and female nature.

Like I said in the first paragraph, the modern Christian church is run by weak men for women at the expense of even weaker men. Just like nightclubs, concerts, and parties. You must fill the venue with pussy to be successful. This is the key strategy of hypergamy, you must attract women in order to attract men who must pay for said women and themselves. Women don’t pay for anything, not really, they are the original Ponzi scheme. Sure, they pay for their cosmetic upkeep. But this is only to secure the inevitable provisioning of some swinging dick, and I assure you ANY swinging dick will do.

Ideally a woman wants to find the wealthiest, most socially dominant man they can possibly find. But, realistically, there are just too many offers immediately available to the modern woman. And this is where the Alpha fucks Beta bucks concept comes in. What this lovely Christian lass from the video isn’t willing to admit is how much dick she’s taken. No woman in their right mind is ever truly honest about this because it hurts their hypergamy market resale value. There have been countless Alpha’s who have gotten for free what countless Beta’s are paying an arm and a leg for.

Now, this is where I not so gleefully return to my previous statement that women are lazy whores – The Dubai Porta Potty. This is where the whole sex trafficking argument goes out the fucking window. Seriously, once you see the text history about some Instathot negotiating over fucking a camel and eating shit for $30,000 you realize female nature is pretty dark. Don’t believe me? Go check out Kink.com and be prepared to be shocked at the new trends in porn these days.

The new thing is rosebudding, which is more a side effect from too much anal sex – or anal fisting, and now, double anal fisting. Which is primarily the result of women who started selling their pussy too early. Undoubtedly, many of these girls were sexually abused as children. And not just fake rape claims that drunk college sluts make, but real deal rape as children. The kind of act that scars someone for the rest of their life. The flip side is, it happens to little boys too. We don’t ever talk about it and we don’t compensate for it by going into porn the way women do. Women who have been abused tend to stay damaged goods forever, but men take steps to heal instead of remaining pertual victims forever.

As a man, you are on your own. The world is harsh and cruel even after you’ve experienced harshness and cruelty. It can even be harsh and cruel while your experiencing harshness and cruelty. You’re going to hear some idiot cunt whining about how your porn problem is hurting her while she is looking for a good divorce lawyer to take you to the fucking cleaners. Claiming that some human toilet porn whore that she doesn’t give a flying fuck about personally is being harmed while she is trying to take your money and find a better guy to fuck, date, or marry. Women are fucking mercenaries dude, they’re more merciless than the cunt who probably poisoned Attila.

Porn is something that saps your vitality. On a psychic/energetic level people can tell when you’re looking at it, women certainly can. And to clarify, I’m not writing this post for women, you vampires have the sisterhood watching your back. This is neither a purely secular or spiritual argument against porn, there is tremendous overlap. Christians just have a super shitty way of addressing the problem. Personally, I’m a Neville Goddard adherent, there ain’t no external God or Jesus who will answer your prayers. If you envision yourself healed, you are healed, pure and simple teleology. Just be mindful of your mental diet.

Now, the irony of me talking about the worse points of female nature – which are totally fucking valid – and Neville Goddard is this. You have to be able to reconcile some pretty serious paradoxes as an adult. The Duality and Non-duality of existence. Things are and they aren’t, and they are also infinite nothingness that transcends time and definition altogether. But, your awareness is capable of creating a fairly convincing temporal, temporary, and time-bound reality. And sometimes in this infinite reality you get bored and lay some seriously heavy shit on yourself.